empro Surgical face mask - Aerofit G series GS-319 ( Space Grey)

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meets USA ASTM LEVEL 3 ( the highest)

BFE 99% PFE 98%

1. Full coverage

2. Non-wrinkle mask

3. Not touching your lips

4. Zero sensation

5. Malaysia made

6. Highest grade material

7. USA ASTM level 3

[ Cool Grey Face Mask - with BLACK Earloop ]

General description:

*Aerofit *Technology is one of Empro’s innovation towards a better tomorrow. Its unique technology had been registered and patented under Patented Industrial Design Application No 20-E0799-0101. As the New Norm in our daily living, wearing a mask is not only protecting yourself but also protecting others. However, long term usage of face masks can bring inconveniences such as makeup smudging and lipstick stains. We listened to our customers and came up with Aerofit Technology to overcome these issues.

Aerofit provides the full coverage you need to prevent microorganism from entering your respiratory system. This is a non-wrinkle mask that’s supported by its ergonomic design for your optimal comfort. Our masks will fit perfectly without the hassle and leave your make up untouched. Moreover, we use premium grade material that’s proven to be gentle on the skin. Say GOODBYE to mask acne.

We are proud to be one of the company that supports our frontliners with a Malaysian made product that’s certified internationally. Accredited by US ASTM Level 3 (highest), European standard Type IIR.

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